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My recent goal was to attain my AA degree first, but since I'm going to get it by the end of this semester, my new goal is no longer related to academia,  my next goal would be more focused on my personal and family life, also I would hope to be success in investing in my first business in the very-near future and I have already found several investee. Unlike most students, a path to 4-year college really doesn't suit me, not that it is difficult but I'm terrible as handling stress and anxiety, I also lose interest in things that I partake for too long, such as academia. Perhaps later in life when I'm much more stable "mentally" and financially I would go ahead and peruse my true goals.

My general goals personally would be:

  • Fighting Procrastination

- Finishing more urgent tasks better carrying out less urgent ones.

- Don't put impending tasks at a later time (last minute)


  • Mental Stress

- Stop over worrying for everything and stressing myself out

- A break is sometime necessary



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