Himiway electric fat tire bike

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Do you have a craze for electric bikes? If you do, I will share with you a detail review of the Himiway electric fat tire bike, so you know whether to go for it or not.

With the front suspension, big tires, a motor of 750 W and a battery that lasts longer for days, this bike has been quite a ride and it performed better than expected. 

Technical specialties:

This bike can go up to 28 mph i.e., 45 km/hr. after unlocking and can cover a range of 35-60 miles or 55-96 km but that depends on the user input. And usually, it costs around 1399 dollars, which is not at all bad, right?

It has specifications of 750 watts motor that is geared rear hub motor. It has an amazing battery of 48 V 17.5 Ah which is 840 Wh. It weighs 32.6 kg or 72 lbs. The maximum load it can carry is 159 kg or 350 lbs. It has the frame of 6061 aluminum. And it has brakes of TektroAres mechanical disc working on 180 mm rotors. The tires are fat Kenda tires of 26 inches into 4 inches. 

It also contains extra accessories such as LCD display with the speedometer. It also has a wattmeter and a battery gauge. Other bikes lack this but this one has PAS level indicator, an odometer and a trip meter perfectly displayed. It has large headlights with a front and rear LED lights. There also is a bell in brake lever and it has speed settings of 5 PAS. it also contains a half-twist throttle and a USB charging port for mobile lovers. A cherry on top is a wooden rear rack and front/rear fenders. Front of the bike also has mounts for more extra accessories. 



Now let us head to the pros of this bike. As mentioned earlier, the specifications are exceptional. And you can even increase the speed limit of the bike if you go through the settings. Although its built-in speed of 22 or 23 mph is not bad as well. And when the battery is at a lower charge the top speed can drop, but it allows up to 28 mph with a full battery. In unlimited mode, this is a standard for electric bicycles and the speed of the electric motor is dependent on voltage.

The range is practical too. With a 48 V and 17.5 Ah battery of 840 W, it has a range of 55-96 miles which is realistic. However, the lower range end is highly achievable at 20 mph at throttle only. And just with a normal pedal assist, 60 miles from an 840 W battery is reasonable too. But you want to ride at the max speed and modify the speed limit, you cannot expect the same range. 

The rear rack is bamboo, and it looks a lot like Ikea cutting board. The wood rack deck does not allow you to get that nice spring clip but just with a bungee cord that you can connect with a couple of rails, you can have the vibes. In this price range, you also get fenders. However other electric bikes charge extra for fenders. 


Now let us look at the bad side aka cons. It is not a cruiser though, but a fat tire bike. It is upright but certainly not a beach cruiser. Now there is only a front suspension but not a rear suspension, so the off-road ride quality is dependent on the air pressure only. For a nicer ride, you can let some air out of the big tires when going for riding on grass or trails. But this means when you go on the street, due to lower air pressure it is lazy. But there can be a certain balance between these two situations, and you shall find it yourself. 

Also, the tail light needs to be connected by yourself. And this takes some time as there are no specific instructions. So, you may have some difficulty mounting it correctly. 


So as a whole package, this bike is fast and fun and has a nice battery. So, GO FOR IT. 

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