Looking for a safe and high interest investment channel after the epidemic

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Diseases and geopolitical upheavals make investment channels no longer like previous years, requiring investors to have a methodical strategy and look for safe investment options

Should "bottom fishing" stocks?

Due to the impact of the pandemic and the general decline of the world stock market, Vietnam's stock market also fell quite deeply and only showed signs of a slight recovery since April 2020, after the epidemic was under control.

Quite a lot of potential stocks fell sharply and could not recover immediately, causing investors to want to "catch the bottom" of the market. The "bottom fishing" cash flow comes from professional investors, new investors and "stuck" investors who want to remove.

According to experts, if investors know how to choose stocks that are likely to burst up after translation and have good investment techniques (know how to choose "top" and "bottom" according to an increase or decrease cycle), then still profitable. But without certain knowledge, making the wrong choice will be like "the old fisherman and the goldfish", catching all year and then "returning to the old pig trough".

Gold - elusive realm for safe investment options

2019 is considered the golden growth period of gold when the market grows strongly, the price of gold reaches a peak of 1,552.42 USD / ounce (September 4). The reason comes from the instability in many parts of the world, the strong depreciation of USD compared to other major currencies or the impact of trade wars. For the whole year 2019, gold prices have increased by a total of 234.7 USD / ounce (18.33%).

In the first 4 months of 2020, gold increased by 12.14%, surpassing most other investment channels and is even predicted to surpass the old peak, reaching 80 million VND / tael in 2020 due to the decrease low basic interest rate stimulus packages up to tens of thousands of billion USD, the psychology of hoarding, hiding in gold is still large ... However, there has been a situation of surfing and it is necessary to be careful with the state that has happened. When "overcoming the top" will be down deeply (like from 49 million to 35 million dong / tael).

Keep USD high profit?

From 2012 up to now, the USD price has basically stabilized with an average increase of only 1.47% - 1.6%, lower than the increasing orientation (2%) of the State Bank. The foreign currency deposit interest rate is only 0%, far lower than the domestic currency deposit interest rate because the exchange rate is changed by management method, from once every 6 months (with a "startling" nature) to determination, the central rate is both flexible according to the market, and also prevents speculation from being "caught off".

Real estate is rich in potential

Real estate in the long run is still a potential investment channel because of the Vietnamese concept of "giving birth but no land". Despite facing many difficulties in the legal corridor plus the "compensation" of Covid-19, which caused the real estate market to cool down, according to TS. In Can Van Luc, many segments are still very "bright" such as logistics real estate, industrial real estate with clean land available, middle-class housing and low-priced housing. Investing in these segments is still guaranteed safety.

Stable market and unattractive interest rates caused the sentiment to hold foreign currencies also decreased. In the coming time, the USD is forecasted to grow because many major trading partners devalue the domestic currency, the amount of money launched into the market of many countries is even greater than in the crisis of 2008-2009, the trade exchange rate 3 The first month of the year has turned to a negative sign (more favorable for import than export) but it is likely that by the end of the year, it will be difficult to surpass 25,000 VND / USD.

Savings waiting for investment opportunities in safe investment options?

In the past few years, the savings interest rate has been higher than the consumer price index CPI. In addition, the fact that many commercial banks have raised deposit rates to a relatively high level to ensure liquidity should save savings with real interest rates and less risk than other investment channels.

However, savings is not an effective investment channel, it is only suitable for staying in the form of "accumulating room", waiting for time when the market is too volatile or for those who do not know how to invest or are afraid of risks.

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