8 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Work for Your SEO

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Most people spend the majority of their waking hours on social media. When they wake up, their social media accounts are among the first things they would check. Social media has also become a convenient way to get news and information as well as to make various purchases.

From serving as news outlets to being mediums for shopping, social media platforms have become one of the preferred media for communication and interaction with businesses. It's the perfect place to reach out to and influence consumers.

Does Social Media Engagement Affect Your Search Result Ranking?

While social media is the easiest way to make yourself known, does it help you with your SEO? Indirectly, yes. 

Search engines, especially Google, say that mentions and likes don't directly affect your search result ranking. While they may have considered it, social media can sometimes be unreliable since it's easier to create questionable profiles. Search engines have abandoned the idea of experimenting with it. In fact, when you search for a certain social media post or status through a search engine, it is more likely you won't find it.

Can You Still Use Social Media for Your SEO?

The answer is yes. As competition between similar companies in the realm of SEO is tough, it could still be used to enhance rankings. No matter how minimal the increase, it should not be discarded. 

In addition to the usual SEO strategies, one should consider social media as an ally to help increase the chances of being more visible in the online world. Because these days, if you rule the online world, you rule in real life as well. Social media could help you with that. Social media can influence SEO factors, providing not just the visibility but also the credibility a company needs to matter in Google's rankings.

Social Media Strategies Strategies

Here are some ways you could make social media work in your favour:

  • Have an active social media account for your business

Create a social media account for your business and make sure to keep it regularly updated. Be willing to respond to comments, especially queries. The more active followers you have, the better it will be for you.

Setting up your social media accounts is simple. Facebook Manager set-up tutorial to help you get started.

  • Produce content that answers most users' questions

While not so difficult, it can be hard to get your links to the recipient, especially with the number of posts social media welcomes every day. Your post may get drowned in a barrage of posts. In fact, only a small part of your potential audience may get to read about your content. Create a social post that answers a question or contains the most probable keyword search an internet user may use. This is especially true when it comes to videos posted on YouTube, as Google is in partnership with YouTube. For example, if you search "how to fix AirPods" on Google, you would find a few videos from YouTube appearing on the search result.

  • Ensure to get positive brand feedback

If your brand is mentioned multiple times, it may grab the attention of Google, which will start to view your business as an entity. Google may see that people think your brand is relevant, which makes it important to have positive mentions on social media and public forums. Capture the interest of a new audience while keeping existing ones by building an active fan base of social media users who will spread the word about your product or service for free.

  1. Partner with other businesses
    Social media was created to build and maintain relationships, and you can definitely use this in securing potential partnerships. Create a list of accounts of non-rival businesses you want to co-create content with and build a relationship with and ensure that each is given regular attention.

  2. Turn to influencers
    There are organic influencers, and there are paid influencers. Organic influencers have social media accounts with a huge following and they have the expertise as well as the authority related to your product or services. Any positive endorsement from them will be received well by their followers. However, you need to do more than just like their posts to win them over. You need to offer something of value; the best way to do that is to provide them with answers to questions related to your niche.

    Influencers, whether organic or paid, can include your links in their blogs or mention your company name in their posts, bringing additional traffic to your website.

  3. Build brand awareness through multiple social media platforms
    A growing number of customers learn about various brands through social media. Those into DIYs prefer Pinterest. Those who love the simplicity and quick tidbits of information get it from Twitter. Those more visually inclined prefer the aesthetics of Instagram.

    It is important to have an account in the most relevant and popular platforms to reach and connect with a wider audience. You need to determine the type of audience you’re looking to engage with and figure out their most likely online haunts. You also need to modify your content depending on your brand and your target audience per platform.

  4. Talk about subjects that matter to your followers
    With the introduction of the MeToo movement and various initiatives, brands are now expected to make a stand on social concerns. Customers would love it if their chosen brands embody their ideals on environmental efforts, human rights, and even politics.
    Social media users will more likely share your content if it expresses support for certain causes that are in line with their passions and advocacies. They go for companies that exhibit and take their moral obligations seriously. The more your brand supports certain causes, the more likely you will be able to draw the desired attention to your brand.

Whether you’re a retailer, dentist, or lawyer social media marketing can go a long way in amplifying your SEO strategies.

If you’re looking to jumpstart your seo marketing vancouver, Toronto, and other areas in Canada are home to reliable SEO strategists who can offer professional assistance.

SEO is a powerful tool in getting noticed in the crowded environment of the online world, and social media, being among those that create much noise online and being the most used applications, should be looked at as a valued ally of SEO. It may not be a direct consideration that instantly affects your search result ranking, but it does help get your campaign across. 

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