Pasadena City College: Keep Dreaming, Doing, Writing

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Although the main purpose of going to university is receiving higher education and earning a degree, there are many factors that should go into you choosing a school. The diversity on campus, the professionalism of educators, and the sense of community are only a few of the ones you should consider. When it comes to Pasadena City College courses, the school has everything you want. The community school was established in 1924 and currently enrolls 30,000 incoming college students each semester for various courses.

What makes the school stand out among others is the professors’ attention to developing the students’ personal identity, critical thinking and writing skills through college writing assignments. If you approach writing appropriately, student writing college papers can inspire students to keep dreaming, doing, writing further on in their lives. Although the college writing process is usually disliked by students, there are certain ways college writing tips can be beneficial for you.

Improve your critical thinking

One of the most important skills in pretty much any career path is critical thinking, especially when it comes to managerial positions. College level writing will require you to not only retell somebody else’s work but to analyze it, compare with other available resources, and incorporate it in your own paper. Doing so requires a variety of skills, and critical thinking is undoubtedly one of them. When choosing sources for your research, figuring out what is important to mention and what is the best approach to take to examine a theory or an event will boost your analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. More than that, critical thinking can be applied to your daily life as it will help you understand yourself, your emotions, goals, and beliefs. Doing so can not only be a part of professional development but also of personal growth, increased motivation, and happiness.

Strengthen your short- and long-term memory

Nowadays, with constant access to any information our hearts desire, it is easy to rely on technology for setting up reminders and notifications. Because of this, many students might feel like their memory is worse than it used to be. Researchers note that there are many ways to improve your memory, and more often than not, they can be applied to you working on your school assignments. Paying attention to difficult information, relating it to something you already know, and visualizing concepts are all useful tools in different types of writing, and memory boost is a valuable benefit of being a college student.

Boost your imagination

You probably have already heard that imagination and creativity are valued in many career fields, and college classes are some of the best ways to boost these skills. Jane Potter, one of the experts on PapersOwl, noted: “Research and writing are known to promote creativity, and working on an assignment also requires you to analyze a variety of ideas and find the best approach to express your opinions in a well-structured manner”. When creating the rough draft of your paper, let your imagination flow, jot down your ideas, and see where it takes you. Sometimes, you might not know how creative you actually are, and focusing on the process instead of receiving a perfect grade will help you make the most out of your college writing experience. Besides, imagination can improve the quality of your daily life by providing you with necessary tools to boost motivation and professional performance.

Become a better communicator

One of the most important factors in becoming a successful professional in any sphere is being good at communication with customers, managers, and coworkers. Regardless of which career you are interested in pursuing, you will most likely need to engage in written communication quite often. Luckily for you, working on written assignments at school will have you prepared for such tasks. It is obvious that to be better at written communication, you have to write regularly, and working on assignments will provide you with such an opportunity. More than that, you will be able to better express and justify your ideas and opinions, and remarks from your educators will pinpoint to what you should address to improve in standard academic English. By remembering their remarks, you will be able to express yourself more clearly, which will help you to avoid any misunderstandings and be successful in managerial positions.

Improve attention to detail

Although content and a student's approach to subject matter analysis in a research paper are the integral part of the final grade, so is the readability of your work. If the paper you submit has a plethora of mechanical errors, typos, and less-than-perfect vocabulary choices, your grade will not be the best regardless of how great the content is. Proofreading and editing your work definitely requires some time to perfect, and doing so will improve your attention to detail. In our daily lives, it is easy to get caught up in the routine without noticing the smaller aspects, and this can be mirrored in your approach to work. While in school, your educators will do their best to point out any of your mistakes; however, some jobs and careers can not tolerate taking chances and relying on others for being detail-oriented and attentive.

If you communicate with your classmates, professors, and school administration throughout your experience in school, you will be able to improve as a person, develop critical thinking, imagination, and better memory, and become an expert in your career field of choice. Regardless of what career you want to pursue, being a good communicator with critical thinking skills and attention to detail will be valued in any field. Although researching and creating a paper may not be your favorite assignment at school, it holds many benefits for you and your future.

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