Want to Reach a Younger Audience? Try Direct Mail

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Direct Mail
Marketers are surprised to learn that many highly visible, direct-to-consumer brands, from Harry’s to Quip and Modcloth, are reaching younger customers with direct mail.

What those savvy marketers have learned is that many younger shoppers connect the direct mail brand with the website when they are online. Other instances of successful direct mail marketing, such as postcard for real estate marketing demonstrate why direct mail is heating up.

Directly Effective

The Small Business Association says research shows that direct mail is up to five times more effective than an email-only campaign.

Direct mail stands out with younger consumers because it does not carry the same “junk mail” baggage as with older customers. And, since younger customers get hundreds of emails every day but only a few pieces of mail, the direct mailer stands out.

Longer Lifespan

Unlike email, direct mail is easily and quickly shared within a household, where 88% of key purchase decisions are made. Also, a direct mail piece has an average lifespan of 17 days once it is brought home while an email’s lifespan is measured in seconds.

The SBA recommends marketers start with an existing customer base when branching into direct mail. Two-thirds of customers will toss out direct mail from a brand they are not familiar with while three-quarters will discuss with others a brand or retailer they have purchased from in the past.

Targeted Selection

Direct mail campaigns should target specific segments or customer groups. Look for direct mail lists from service companies or geographic selections from the US Post Office.

To increase appeal with younger customers, think of the mailer as an Instagram post. Limit the word count and emphasize action with a simple design and eye-catching photo.

With the array of discounts offered in a typical email, it is recommended a direct mail piece include an offer that is worth the time to follow up.

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