What to Expect at Your First Couples Counseling Session

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If you and your partner are thinking about going to couples counseling, you’re on the right path. However, now you need to book your first session. If you’re nervous, you don’t need to be. Couples’ therapy is not as scary as it sounds. Here’s what to expect in your first session.  

Meet together as a couple

Both you and your partner will meet your therapist together as a couple. We’re saying this because you will have a mix of couples and individual sessions with your therapist. But for the first session, you will be together and allow your therapist to gain insight into your relationship. The first session sets the stage for what you can expect for future sessions.

Receive a dose of honesty 

The therapists at Naya Clinics aren’t interested in sugar-coating anything you need to hear. A good therapist will show empathy and understanding while giving you a healthy dose of honesty. If you want your therapy to work, you need to know the truth about your own behavior, your partner, and your relationship. Once there’s complete honesty, then progress can be made.

Get an introduction to your therapist

When doing online therapy, you must have a good connection with your therapist. If there’s a good connection, then your therapy will be more productive. Your therapist should give you a little background information about themselves and show you empathy and understanding towards the both of you. If you feel your therapist is choosing sides, discuss this with them. 

Scratching the surface

Don’t expect your problems to be solved during the first therapy session. Online marriage counseling is a process. During the first session, you’re going to mention the issues you’d like to overcome in your relationship. Your therapist will ask some questions to understand each person’s position better and gather a better picture of your relationship. The first session only scratches the surface of what’s to come. 

Set realistic goals

When it comes to therapy, it’s important to set goals. During your first session, this is where you’ll talk to your partner and therapist about the goals you’d like to set for the relationship. The goals will help you and your partner focus on working towards more positive interactions. If you don’t know what your goals are, that’s okay. This is why you have a therapist; they’ll help you set your first couples’ goals. 

Receive homework

A good therapist will have you walking out of therapy with some homework to do. Your therapist may give you some things to work on until your next session. Your homework, of course, is optional. However, if you really want to improve your relationship, take the time to do your homework. 

You may have mixed feelings about couples’ therapy; however, the first session is always nerve-wracking. Knowing what happens in the first couples counseling session can help reduce those feelings. 

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