Picking a Door Mat – 3 Things to Consider

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Door mats – we all need one. They’re more than just decoration – a door mat protects the inside of your house from everything shoes could drag in. 

Chances are, the last time you bought a new door mat was a while ago. The following three points will help make picking out a new door mat easy.

  1.   Get to know your mat.

You may not have given much thought to your initial purchase of a mat. After, all, how much intention can be put into picking a door mat? As it turns out, there are several considerations to take. A good place to start is by looking at your current door mat as a point of reference.

If you have a doormat already that you are looking to replace, take a good look at it. If it is an outdoor mat, it is most likely made out of a different material than one you would place inside.

Take note of the material, color and design of the mat. Are you satisfied with it? Has it held up over the years? If so, think about why. This is an object that has withstood constant wear. When picking a new outdoor mat, it is important to consider what kept your old mat intact for so long. 

Typically, outdoor mats are made out of much tougher material than indoor mats. This is because more abrasive material will resist the wear put on it by shoe after shoe.

Indoor mats, on the other hand, do not have to be as tough, but should be able to absorb moisture. Wet shoes can wear down your floor. A good second line of defense against harmful moisture is keeping your house shoe-free. Have your family and guests take their shoes off at the door after wiping them on an indoor and outdoor mat.

Of course, implementing a strict no-shoe system is easier said than done. Because of this, it is best to rely on a tough outdoor mat and a moisture-absorbing indoor mat to keep your floors clean and dry.

  1.   Door mats are best placed inside and outside each door.

It may seem unnecessary to have two door mats – wouldn’t one be enough? You might think so, but an indoor mat and an outdoor mat both serve a unique purpose.

-       An outdoor mat gives you, your family and guests an easy means of wiping off anything unwelcome before entering the house. This mat should be made out of a more abrasive material – rough bristles or fibers that will scrape the debris off of incoming shoes. 

-       In contrast, an indoor mat primarily serves the purpose of absorbing the moisture on shoes to keep from damaging the floor. 

-       Some mats serve both purposes and are called hybrids – these can be placed outdoors instead of having two mats. If you’d rather just have one door mat, a hybrid mat will be the best choice.

If you have multiple doors into your house, it’s important to place mats inside and outside of each. Remember that a door mat serves as more than just a decoration. Protect your floor from damage and outside debris by adding a mat to your doors.

  1.   Mats should fit the décor of your house

Consistency is king. A well-decorated house makes a measure impression and gives you a sense of peace and balance. Even the so-called “little things” can make a big difference in how you feel at home. A door mat is no exception. 

Take the overall style and feel of your house into account when picking a door mat. Staying consistent with colors and materials is always a good idea when decorating.

-       If your aim is a sparser, more minimalistic look, go for a more neutral color like brown or black. If simple is your style, try to avoid mats with text and designs on them. These can be used tastefully in some settings, but don’t fit a more minimal style.

-       If you aim for coziness, texture is a major factor in achieving your design goals. Even a door mat can lend to your home’s overall feel, making your space feel cozier and more welcoming. Look for an indoor mat with a less abrasive fabric, but one that will still absorb moisture. In addition, more muted colors can add to a home’s comfy feel. Try to avoid louder colors for your mat and opt for something more muted. 

-       If your style is more eclectic, organic, earthy, or if some other adjective would describe it best, there’s still a perfect mat out there for you. Take the color scheme of your house or apartment into account when looking for a mat, opting for something that aligns with your overall home décor. 

At this point, you’re ready to pick out a door mat. You know how to distinguish indoor and outdoor mats, and what to look for in each. Now it’s up to you to pick one that fits the look and feel of your house!


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