Everything You Need to Know About CSM Training

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Anyone can be a Certified Scrum Master, regardless of their background or the industry that they work in. However, they do need proper training from a recognized institute. But before you know what is expected from a Scrum Master, you must first understand the concept of the framework. It is a lightweight management framework used for software development tasks like developing some components of a larger system or a complete software package. It can be described as an incremental and iterative approach for project work. When you use this, you have the flexibility for changing in a controlled manner without any risks or extra expenses. 

The scrum framework is known for implementing the cornerstones that are defined by the methodology: 

  • Interactions and individuals over processes and tools 
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation 
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation 
  • Response to changes over following a plan

Scrum is a successful framework that offers multiple benefits like better product quality, increased productivity, increased employee satisfaction and motivation, stable or reduced project costs, and higher customer satisfaction.  

A Scrum Master is a component of the Scrum framework. The other components are the Scrum Team and the Product Owner. A primary characteristic of a Scrum team is the lack of a project manager. They are self-organizing teams that communicate among themselves. The Scrum product owner and Scrum Master share responsibilities. In fact, Scrum Master is a part of the team and must assume the roles of both leader and servant for the team. 

As a Scrum Master, you must know how to manage the team by asking questions like What did you do yesterday? What did you do today? What are the impediments? The Scrum Master will protect the team from any internal or external distractions and help the team stay focused by removing any obstacles hindering the progress of the team. They can also help the team reach consensus timely. This way, the whole team is responsible for the outcome of the project. 

Why should you get the Scrum training to become a Scrum master? 

As a person who is leading the implementation of the Scrum methodology and guiding the team through software development, Scrum Master can earn an average annual salary ranging from $70,000 to $100,000. The salary you earn will depend on the capacity you are working in - Consultant, Product Manager, or Team Leader. When you get the certification, you will be able to increase your career and employment opportunities dramatically. 

How to become a Certified Scrum Master? 

All the professionals who are interested in becoming a Scrum Master are required to take a 2-day long course. Once the course is completed, you will have 30 days for taking the CSM exam. It is an online examination with 50 multiple-choice questions that you can take from a desktop from any corner of the world. You will have 60 minutes for attempting the test. If you want to pass the examination, you should get at least 37 questions right. However, the success rate of the certification is 98%. So, if you study well, you will be able to pass the exam easily. Here are the steps for the overall certification process: 

  • Attend the 2-day long Scrum Master training program. 
  • Register online for the CSM certification exam within 90 days. 
  • Once you have registered for the exam successfully, you will instantly receive your Exam Access Code online. 
  • You can take the online test anytime, anywhere, and answer the 50 MCQs. 
  • After you have passed the exam successfully, you will be given the link for downloading the certificate.

What are the topics covered in the certification exam? 

The topics that are included in the test are: 

  • Scrum history and basics 
  • Scrum roles 
  • Sprints 
  • Product backlogs 
  • Planning releases 
  • Problems that can occur while implementing the Scrum methodology 
  • Creating tasks and reports 
  • Conducting meetings like the daily scrum 
  • Scrum scalability 
  • Team building and organization 

Once you have completed the course successfully and passed the certification examination, all the students will be eligible for receiving their certification from the Scrum Alliance. The certification is a standard for any individual who has the expertise of leveraging agile principles in Scrum projects. 

Important things that you should know about the training and exam 

Even though the Scrum Master certification can be taken online, all the applicants are required to attend the live, in-class course. This is because the program needs the students to interact with each other in a live format. It is important for the students to make physical interaction in order to learn managing projects in a natural environment, where there is no interference from any internet interactivity. 

So, while you are selecting the certification program, you have to take into consideration several factors like the reputation of the institute, the number of participants who have successfully cleared the exam from previous classes, the cost, and scheduling, etc. You need to find a CSM training institute that can help you in building a solid foundation and passing the exam in your first attempt. They should also provide you with the right course materials and organize seminars for you. 

Is Scrum training important for the certification? 

Yes, Scrum training is important for everyone because it gives the tools needed for accelerating the team-building process. Also, you will be able to master the science and art of incremental delivery. You will receive training geared towards helping the students discover the roles and practices defining Scrum. Therefore, it is used by agile teams across the globe. With the help of Scrum training, participants will get well-versed in the steps that they need to take for forming a high-performance team. 

CSM certifications can be beneficial to employees, employers, and freelancers. It is a proof of competence that can help boost your career opportunities and employability. It also helps employers in improving the efficiency of the team and processes along with customer satisfaction and quality of the deliverables. 

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